Why is there great stress on LOCI METHOD or MEMORY PALACE METHOD...!?

I have seen most of the people here using memory palace system the most for remembering mamost of the things but I have been studying thr memory systems for the past few years and donot find it that effective for memorizing everything. I think the more palaces we create, the more are we prone to forgetting the sequence or the numerical position at which that palace lies. I donot think it is that effective in memorizing a deck of cards coz, we might tell the sequence forward and backward but what if we are asked to name a card at specific numerical position in the deck or vice versa. This system helps us remember a list of things in a sequence and if we miss out any one palace, we may get the sequence wrong.

The fact that I have build over a thousand memory palaces should be enough to show how effective it can be with the right approach, but I will tackle some points you made as well.

Why should it not be? Sure, some things require more work than others but I have not seen anything that cant be remembered with the right images. It is all about how strong your images are.

This is a thing, in both forgetting palaces and forgetting loci. Frequent recall helps a lot with that, but what helped me even better was to create palaces that resemble the subject.

Why cant that be done? A lot of my palaces have 5 or 10 loci per room. If you want the 37th card, I can easily find it.

What is a better alternative to you? It sounds as if you have found something that is way more effective, so I am eager to learn :slight_smile:


If you find you are locked into a sequence, it is probably coming from your rehearsal process. Be careful how you practice the information into long term memory because primacy and recency effect can be counterproductive.

Use serial positioning patterns and you will harness the best of the primacy and recency effect while escaping its problems.

There are alternatives, but I am aware of no mnemonics that are not inherently spatial. Why not maximize their value and power by plugging them into raw space itself?


But we have to go through a sequence to reach that number and then name the card. The action isnt spontaneous. It takes a little time> Blockquote

I find phonetic peg system for cards more reliable as it is spontaneous and works much more effectively. As far as the list of objects is concerned i prefer number shape method, alphabet peg system, number value method, link method and sometimes memory palace method whichever is apt according to the things to be memorised.> Blockquote

Yes, a little more effort and we memorize eveything we want to using this method but how do we get to know which palace we have used for memorizing the stuff when we later recall. Thousands of images and palaces is a great achievement but how do you know what palace did u use for specific thing. > Blockquote

You should be able to tell what number a loci is fairly quickly. The ancient advice is to place a marker at every 5th loci so you can quickly know what number a loci is.

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I am fascinated by how many people try and talk themselves out of using a memory palace. Not to pick on this poster. It seems common. I don’t understand it. Is there a memory palace phobia?

Not at all. You want card 37? Very well, that is second floor (20 loci per floor in my favorite card palace), fourth room (5 loci per room), second loci. It is not a matter of having to walk though it, it is a matter of mental math. A useful skill to have too.

Works more effectively for you, there are no absolutes. I have peg lists, but I very much prefer memory palaces to peg lists.

To connect to the last bit, part why I use memory palaces is because I forget peg lists. I know exactly in which palace I can find bits of information, because of the regular recalls and thematic approach I mentioned.


Ohh thats excitiing… I might be wrong somewhere can u help me learn it again from the basics…!! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Yup. Exactly.

If you want to talk about anything close to absolutes, then you are in a discussion about neuroscience.

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BTW, that was the general ‘you’ meaning ‘one’. :smile:

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This is a smart idea!

I have build over a thousand memory palaces

A goal if there ever was one; glad to see an example of what is possible

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I used the Loci method to memorise the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary. I can recall any word given the page number and the order of that word on the page. I can also do it vise versa, i.e. I can tell the page number and the position given the word. From my experience, it’s very important on how you organise your loci. Make it meaningful and have a rule on where to start, what to choose in each set. How you review is also important.


It would be great if you elaborated the details of the techniques you used and found useful in memorizing the dictionary. Your experience would help others…

How did you organise your loci to memorize it that way ?