Why do I suck at remembering words?

I just began training my memory for the first time ever about a week ago or so. Apparently, I’m naturally good at remembering images and names, as I jumped to level 8 and level 10 respectively without any failures. However, I’m a stuck with words - I was able to get to level 6 (memorizing 26 at max, 18 at minimum) but I hit a wall with my raw memory; I traversed to the memory techniques listed on this website and have been trying to use the Alphabetic Peg List system where I associate each letter of the alphabet with an animal, but have had no dice. I often find myself only being able to get through about 17 words and memorizing only 13-14 of them. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a better method for remembering lists of words? Do I just need to practice more?


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Have you tried using the Link system?
Lists of tangible items can be memorized by connecting each item to its next through an imagery with some impact,e.g. : ball, skyscraper, fish ( I picture a small ball crashing at great speed on a skyscraper, then picture this skyscraper -or any other- turn into a gazillion fish). Anything that is memorable to you will certainly be your best choice.
Intangible items, i.e. abstract nouns per se, can be materialized by some approximation and linked in the same way.

If you prefer to memorize things out of sequence, why not use numbers (through systems like the major system/ some other)? Attach images to numbers, and you can use those numbers as pegs, indexes which are linked to a list item. For instance for the example above, picture myriad balls launching out of a cup of tea ( tea corresponds to 1). Instantly, you know that ball is the first item, and you don’t have to consider another item to link it with (other than the one for the number, that is).

Any technique you learn and piques your interest, test it to see its effectiveness. With more practice you will certainly see improvement. Learning is a life-long process (at least, imho) and being open to new ideas will allow for more efficiency and better performance ideas to flow!

Hope that helps somewhat! :slight_smile:

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