Why can't I seem to improve? (visualization)

I am unable to visualize properly. My visualization is dull.
I have gone from better to worse any advice. All I did was learn like 20 pieces of information. I have been like this for 3 days. I can’t review this information now with ease. I struggle a LOT when trying to review it is as if I’m extremely tired yet I don’t do much in my day. This sucks!

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Hello Brandon,
You have to keep trying, in a few days your brain will be stronger, it will be easier.
Don’t push too hard but practise every day, and let us know how it goes.

It always gets worse before it gets better!

Your brain is paying attention to the works you are doing and having difficulty to manage things. But it will get used to the new stuffs you are asking it to learn. And when it will,your struggle will decrease.

You are struggling now,because your brain is working hard to grasp the stuffs. And eventually,your brain will surely learn what you are trying to learn. Things will get better then…Just a matter of time.

You should keep doing what you are doing…Things will get better!

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Maybe you are not having fun? If you are not having fun, the tasks become a pain and harder to learn. You should always have a good time when using memory techniques. Also make sure you are adding emotion to your stories. I like having dynamic action in my stories because it seems like they are more alive!


Can you brighten up your dull visualization by adding some color, movement, brightness? Maybe increase the size of images? Make the images crazier, goofier, funnier? You can add sounds, music. Make it like a gif image.

hey it takes time to improve so just let it be take it slo but still try to improve at the same time.