Who is the singer at 2:54?

In scale it black, whos the singer at 2:54??


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I’m not sure but I did a quick search. It looks like the album is The Less You Know, the Better by DJ Shadow.

The song also features Little Dragon:

The credits for that song, according to Google’s lyrics preview, are:

Songwriters: Erik Oskar Bodin / Fredrik Daniel Wallin / Hakan Wirenstrand / Joshua Paul Davis / Yukimi Eleanora Nagano

Yukimi Nagano is a singer in Little Dragon, so it might be her singing there.

There’s more information about the video here: Ben Pridmore's Mnemonic Images in a Music Video

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Thanks for answering,

I’m afraid I changed the video and so the timing.

I’m refering to the character, she should have been a famous 80s pop singer but can’t remember.


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I’m not sure. I grew up in the 80s but I don’t remember a singer with star makeup on her eye. It has been a long time though. :slight_smile:

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I’m from the eighties too.

I remember there was a cartoon of a pop star that looked more or less like her. And the best part is that she had star earrings that created holograms. It had to be famous, at least in europe.

Quite singular for a PAO!!

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Maybe @Zoomy cant throw some light…

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Unfortunately, there isn’t a very exciting answer. I told the directors my image for that pair of cards is “a pop singer” - it’s actually Mary J Blige, but I was refraining from mentioning real people or copyrighted characters - and they hired an actor and dressed her in that costume and make-up.

I think it’s just a generic ‘pop’ kind of look, although I do love the cartoon you’re talking about - Jem! She (and her band, and their rivals) had eye makeup, but not in that exact shape. They were really cool in the 80s, anyway! :smiley:

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Nice @Zoomy what is your personal best at home?

Thank you!! I can barely remember,

At least I can include the main character from the cartoons. I know there was a real pop singer. I’ll further investigate.

Don’t know why but the character from the video ringed my bell.