Who is me?

(Badr Ibrahim) #1

Hello everyone …
My name is Badr Ibrahim fom repuplic of Sudan.
I’m a memory athlete, and I’ve been active in this forum for 3 years, but never introduced my self, I don’t know why!
I will tell you little about my country and our community here, for three years, I didn’t had the chance to compete in Sudan, because there is no annual memory comptetions around here, and people are not aware of it, fortunatly they have me :wink: , last August I had the chance to speak at a local TEDx event about what I’ve done through my past years, being the first sudanese to memorize a shuffled deck of cards in less than one minute in 2016, and memorize 80 digits in less than one minute! And the first African, Arabian memory athlete ever to use a 1000 peg system(2018).
My goal for 2019 is very clear, I want to help organize the first sudanese memory comptetion, with a group of well trained athletes, and try our best in the IAM WMC comptetion for the first time for Sudanese to compete in a WMC!

Nice to meet you!