which way is better for MIND MAPPING.. Photoshop or Hand drawing ?

Actually while taking note i’m hand drawing a rough one and later i’m making the same with better images in photo shop ?
so please guide me to do better ?

I will try to find it once I have some time, but I once read a psychology paper on this subject, saying that hand writing stuff is memorized better than doing stuff on the computer. And stuff written with a focus on writing neat and perfect is memorized better than when just writing rough and sloppy.

By mind mapping, do you really mean what’s generally meant by mind mapping (like what you get with google images) ? If So, there are a hundred mindmapping softwares. I generally advise to use XMind, but there are a lot of good alternatives.

Edit : This is the first time I heard about using photoshop to mindmap. I am very curious about this alternative. Can you show us one of your creations and tell us how much time did you take to get this result ?

The truth is that the tool you use is the best. If you’re not going to create Mind Maps by hand because you prefer to work on the computer, what does it matter if science says that drawing is better? The vice verse applies.

I was amazed to watch reigning mind map champion Phil Chambers create mind maps with iMindmap software in person. One can get very good at it, to be sure.

Myself, I prefer doing it by hand. But although I’m confident the scientific evidence supports handwriting as the “better” option, the truth is I don’t like mind mapping on computers. Therefore, the one that I do enjoy is clearly better.

Incidentally, since learning mind mapping while watching Phil and reading his book, I’ve outlined 15 books and drafted 4 of them in the last 6 months. I’ve found it very productive for unlocking all kinds of angles.

Whether any of those books will be any good or not … that’s another matter. :wink:

I also think we should balance scientific evidence with our personal experience. Both count and none is fully reliable. Studies on mind mapping are scarce and tend to provide mixed results. Concerning the study on hand writing versus computer writing, one should keep in mind that this was not a study on mind mapping and it could totally happen that the result is reverted with this kind of “more active” note taking. The authors of the study I read also proposed this aspect as an explanation of why hand writing outperformed computer writing.

As bruno said, the free xMind is the best that I used for any kind of project management.

First of all, creating the map is easy, because you can drag and drop. So if you make a mistake, a child node can be moved to a different parent. Nodes can be opened or closed. So a very large map could have one root and many child nodes. So a fully opened map that might be the size of your house walls, but you can close all the nodes except a few nodes, which you can then study.

So xMind is “dynamic”. It seems to me that Photoshop is “static”. How many hours does it take you to move a child node to a different parent?

For memorization, opening and closing nodes is good for self-testing. A closed node could be the “question” (as in Anki), and the children could be all the possible (hidden) answers. Now moving down by one node means that all the children are now the questions, and grandchildren are the new answers. And so on.

I have one question. Assuming handwriting helps memorize better, is it possible that drawing mind maps on the tablet or ultrabook with scriber or just with our fingers will be as good as handwriting?

My opinion is that Photoshop is a terrible approach for mind mapping digitally. I use Photoshop professionally, but it does not have the advantages of other computer mind map tools.

These advantages are also the reasons that I prefer mind mapping on the computer rather than paper. They include:

  1. Auto adjusting to make room for new branches/nodes
  2. Infinite canvas (I won’t run out of paper at the edge!)
  3. Manually move a branch and all nodes come along for the ride (and all connection lines keep their connections)

These advantages far outweigh the disadvantages of computer entry, especially once you pick a system and learn it well. Entry can become as easy as typing itself.