Which technique would you use for passing this sub-test on this entry exam?


Hello guys,

So i’m preparing for the medicine entry exam in my country and there is a subtest where you have to summarize a large amount of information in a short time.

So at the test you get 8 Patient ID Cards which you have to memorize in 8 minutes

An ID Cards looks like this

Photo of a Person
NAME: RESHAM (Random string of letters)
Birthday: 12. February (Could be any day)
Blood Typ: AB (Could also be A, B, or 0)
Medicament: Yes or No (It’s always either Yes or No)
Allergies: Hazelnut (Could be everything from wesp to milk, sometimes combined Wesp+Milk)
ID Number: 3 9 2 8 8 (Random string of 5 letters)
Country: Irland (Could be every country but just one Option)

So this is one card. You get 8 and you have to memorize them in 8 minutes. Afterwards you get two other cognitive subtests which will take around 30 minutes. After the two subtests you have to answer 25 Questions in 15 minutes to the ID Cards.
The Question could look like:
Which allergy has this person? PHOTO OF THE PERSON

What is the ID Number of the person who’s birthday is on the 12th of Febrauary?

What’s the name of the person who’s ID Number is 3 9 2 8 8?

So the question could be any constellation possible.
And you always have 5 possible answers to choose from. The last possible answer E) is always “No answer from A-D is correct”

I have 9 months until the exam so a lot of time to prepare and master a strategy with which i will be able to answer all 25 questions. That’s very important because this subtest is very trainable in comparison to the other cognitive subtests.

I’m really not a specialist when it comes to using Memory Strategies. I have heard about the Loci - Method and i think it could be a good idea. But i’m not sure because i have very little time to answer the questions. (25 in 15minutes). So i think it could take way to much time to go through your Palace and look for the answer.
So i’m really not sure how to approach this subtest. After some research i found this forum and i thought it would be a great idea to ask some people who actually know something about memorizing informations.
Which strategy would you recommend for memorizing the ID Cards?
How should i train the strategy you recommend so that i’m 100% able to recall everything from the ID Cards when it comes to answering them?