Which system you are using for memorizing Numbers

Which system you are using for memorizing Numbers
  • 2 digit system
  • 3 digit system
  • 4 digit system
  • 5 digit system
  • 6 digit system
  • 7 digit system
  • 8 digit system
  • 9 digit system

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All of them.

I memorize numbers in chunks. The size of those chunks are totally depended on the numbers. Because numbers are random, my chunks are too. My feeling tells me which numbers I have to put together, this takes some time, it is not instantly like mnemonics.

This is not always a good strategy because when I see numbers in an order I don’t like, it can throw me off completely and ruin my time.

Maybe you need to specify what you mean exactly to get better results on the poll. Since I would consider a normal PAO a 2 digit system (not 6 digit system), I don’t think you’ll get any votes on the options of 5+ digits, if other people see it the same way. A 4 digit system is already tough enough, but 5+ is definitely overkill.

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If you assign a two digit number to a single image, it is a 2 digit system.
100 images needed for 100 two digit combination from 00-99.

If you assign a three digit number to a single image, it is a 3 digit system.
1000 images needed for 1000 three digit combination from 000-999.

A 4 digit system would require 10.000 images.
I think Simon Reinhart is the only person who is using a 4 digit system.

I have yet to see anyone using a 5 digit system. Probably not in my lifetime.

I use the 2 digit shaper system images. So when I do a PA which covers 4 digits at a time, I am still using a 2 digit system, because a single image is used for 2 digits.

Method or System?
I am using “a 4 Digit Method with PA”. A method is how we apply the system. It suggests 2 digit system. If It was a 6 Digit PAO Method, it still suggests a 2 digit system.


I also memorize 4 digit numbers at a time but I am using 2 digit system that’s why I voted option no. 1 (2 digit system)