Which system to use?

Total newbie, but decided to learn how to memorize a deck of cards. Read about the POA system, and started putting some names up.

However, I got in doubt if it is quite dumb to use say Tiger Woods as King of Clubs, when I would never use him in a system where I would have persons from 0-99, i.e. Wouldn’t it be smarter to use the same persons which would fit into a 0-99 list as the 52 persons also being used when remembering cards?

Might be wrong, but my though was that initials for the numbers would be something like

A = 1
B = 2

12 = Al Bundy
23 = Billy Crystal

So, thinking same list should be used for a deck of cards, instead of havibng two lists.

If there are better alternatives I’m all ears :slight_smile:

Well, having read a bit more up on memory techniques, I think I can narrow the above questio down to “how to you use a 00-99 POA list for remembering a deck of cards”?

If you map the suits as: spades=1, hearts=2, clubs=3, diamonds=4 you can use 10-19 for spades, 20-29 for hearts, etc. Face cards you’d read the other way around with J=6, Q=7, K=8 for 61 Jack of spades, 62 Jack of hearts, etc.

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Nice dude, i will try