which PAO list is better?

hello guys, its been a year i have been using memory techniques. I use PAO system. Theres one thing that has been bugging me. My PAO list runs like this:
01 = michael jackson burn a dragon
i have been wondering if the cause of my not progressing at satisfactory level is the fact that the ACTION(burnig) and the OBJECT(dragon) are irrevelant of the PERSON(michael jackson)
Should it be more like:
01= michael jackson moondancing with a glove???

Hi Sharad,
You have answered your own question. That is exactly what you should be doing!


I agree with Jimbo but at the end of the day, all that matters if you like the PAO’s you have. Also, chances are you might have some actions or objects that don’t fit with the person.

thank you guys. the pao i have now has been refined over a year…i really love my pao list and i really dont want to change my list . I wish if there were other guys who dont have any complain about their jumbled pao list like mine . it would be highly inspiring for me.

For single two-digit numbers, the images indeed have to make sense.
The weird images come when you start creating combined images.

Say 01 is Michael Jackson moonwalking with a white glove, 34 is Heath Ledger’s Joker burning a pile of money, and 76 is Eragon riding a dragon (random images)
Then when you have to remember ‘013476’, you put Michael Jackson burning a dragon on your locus.