Which memory palace to use?

Not sure if it belongs here, I’m assuming so since this relates to study help. Anyways, I read the pdf that this site provides (helpful tips for sure). I wrote and drew 10 locations that I can think of. I drew them at the macro level (stations). My question is this, how do I organize my study material for each palace?

I want to learn all the chemical elements in the periodic table, alongside other info (hazard levels, etc). None of my locations relate to chemistry or science (they are merely location of apartments and past homes). How would that work? Is the whole idea to simply imaginate how a Bedroom and chemistry coexist together in a memorable way? Or would one recommend to attach chemical properties to a different location like my college campus laboratory?

I’m having a dilemma, I only remember in good detail specific locations, if i utilize all those locations then surely I’ll be stuck with no more palaces (I’m a beginner, can’t incorporate locations from fantasy as actual palaces just yet). Any tips?

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I’ve never memorized the periodic table but you might find some tips here:

I use memory palaces to learn laws and things related to it. Usually, it doesn’t really matter which locations I use, I just have to make sure, that the information I put there is easy to recall. So for example, if I memorize something about decision of the federal court, the location doesn’t have to be in a court room, it might be a supermarket, gym, house etc. I just have to come up with images that represent the information, add action and emotion to it and let it interact with the locations in a memorable way.

When I memorize a law (or in this case the Swiss Constitution) one location could look like this:

Information I’d like to remember: Art. 131 - Special consumption taxes

Location: Bus stop on my way to work

Image: Al Capone (13) with a candle (1) in his hand, walks along side the bus stop and wants the people who are waiting there to pay him taxes, one person is smoking tobacco, one is drinking beer, another one is holding a part of a car (door) in his hand and a petrol can in his other hand.
I try to actually see the smoke from the tobacco that’s smoked, maybe the person with the beer can throws it to the ground after drinking it, it makes a sound of the can falling to the pavement, the last person trips and the petrol leaks all over the pavement.

As you can see I didn’t come up with an image for “special consumption taxes”, but I still remember that, since I added more detail to it, (tobacco, beer/alcohol, car parts, mineral oils fall under the definition of “special consumption”). What I’d like to tell you, is that you don’t have to have exact images for everything and the information doesn’t have to be related to the location. What’s important is to make memorable images.The petrol could also be spilled in a location inside a house. The person smoking tobacco could be in a living room, you might even get annoyed that this person is so inconsiderate to smoke in your house. For me, these kinds of things like action and emotion, are far more important than that the location fits the information perfectly.

I hope this makes sense. :slight_smile:


Thank you for that. The example helped a ton. Also I never imagined that a gym can be a palace and a bus stop. Now that I think about, seems I can link any location to any idea to memory.

I’m saving your post forever. Thank you for your time. I will incorporate the periodic table within my gym location. Seems to fit the idea I want, memorize the effects chemicals have on our body. I will definitely post my journal for that location today or tomorrow.


I’m glad I could help :slight_smile:

I usually just start in a location that I know and go from there. When I memorized the key facts of all 197 Articles of the Swiss Constitution, I just started at my front door and went on the way to my work place and through a shopping center where it ends. I didn’t plan ahead, I just added more as I went on. Usually it’s best to just try it out, don’t overthink it :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m definitely overthinking the approach. How big are your stations/locations? I’m assuming that your travel from home to work is rather lengthy, running into a lot of locations?

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I tend to use rather big locations when I start so I can go in a bit more detail if I want to add more information. For example, if you’d measure the bus stop I described, you’d probably end up with about 50 meters. If I know a location well, I can put more information there. Usually, I try to go with what comes naturally so it doesn’t get exhausting.

For the 197 Articles (actually there are more since sometimes it’s something like Art. 75, 75a, 75b etc.) I use 1 location per Article. So for the Swiss Constitution that would be around 200 locations. The actual journey would be across more than 6 kilometers, but in some areas where I don’t know it very well, it sometimes skips a lot of the “unmemorable” parts of the journey. Sometimes there are hundreds of meters between the locations, just because the next “big” or “memorable” location is so far away. Don’t force it with the locations, use the ones that come to you easily. As long as you don’t confuse the order it’s all good.

I am also new to the site and saw your post and thought I reach out. I am still perfecting my memory palace system. Did you solve your “no more palaces” dilemma ?