Which is your favorite memory palace?

What is your best memory palace?


My home. And my previous home. The details Are so vivid so i can USE chairs, tables and other items AS LOCI. However I have «spent it» on Pi, so I dont know if I can re-use it somehow? Im a noob.


The same for me.


I love my University Campus files… They give me enough space to create associations at each locus

Mine is my home or the route I take when jogging

My favorite is all the houses
on the street (16) that I grew up on.

For those that remain unequal, there is striving to render them neutral so they might all serve equally well.

I have found that memorizing certain content can give particularly troublesome Memory Palace sources a decent cleanse.

Till now i have only 2 palace.
One is My shared appartment, other is virtual…
Virtual is the best till now…