Which is the best technique for memorising this list and quickly it recalling them in any order

I am trying to memorize a list which is a part of a system which I had made and the list is below-

C0) acy
C1) al
C2) en
C3) eer
C4) ist
C5) ity
C6) wise
C7) ward
C8) fy
C9) ful

Can anyone tell me how to memorize it fast and recall it quickly in any order so that I can test my system quickly.

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The basic idea of memorising is to convert what is “Meaningless” into “Meaningful”.

Your list so far looks meaningless. So try converting them into meaningful words first.

And once they are meaningful, then you can convert each into a tangible image.

And it’s the basic practice to memorise the images.
You can use the peg method, loci method, shape method, story method etc to memorise them.


From a beginners perspective, I would keep it simple.

Since you want the suffix letters verbatim, why not use 10 loci and assign each location a mnemonic letter image? eg: Apple being eaten by a Cat playing with a Yo-yo; giant Apple caught in Lions throat, Elephant sitting in a giant Nest, etc.

Another option is just a single image in each loci based on a word using that prefix. eg: pharmACY; tropicAL; chickEN; etc.

whatever you find easiest to associate.



Your words have no meanings so first convert them in meaningful words then think their pictures.

If we write ‘R’ letter before all words you given.
It makes meaningful words.

  1. Racy
  2. Ral
  3. Ren
  4. Reer
  5. Rity
  6. Rewise
  7. Reward
  8. Refy
  9. Reful

And store them in 10 loci memory palace.