Which country is bigger? - The awesome search function of loci

I’m staying home due to sickness and started memorising the world’s countries in order from largest to smallest area. I did half of them right now and will do the rest tomorrow.
It’s a simple challenge since it’s just like memorising 252 words (I place five on each locus in a little story), but it seems pretty cool to be able to ask one’s friends to “name any two countries in the world and I’ll say which one is bigger”!

I really like using the “search function” that the locus method makes possible! :slight_smile:

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Cool! Are you going by population or square miles/km? I’m currently memorizing the capitals of the countries by creating an image for the country, then one for the capital, then connecting the two. I’ve only done about 30 of them so far though :stuck_out_tongue: But I’ll do something like Afghanistan gives me an afghan blanket, and Kabul gives me Cable, so I’ll imagine the blanket made out of metal wire cables. It’s pretty cool.

I’m doing it by square kilometers in accordance with CIA’s World Factbook (https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/rankorder/2147rank.html). To do it by population seems too unstable! :wink:

Cool that you are memorising the capitals! I have started doing that as well. A good strategy I’ve found there is to firstly memorise the countries on a map (by using a technique similar to abstract images, works perfect!). That way I already have images for all the countries based on both their shapes, names and position which make it rich and good to connect to. :slight_smile:

This was a very good idea Snillsparv, thanks for sharing! With the help of Ickathus idea about capitals aswell I am now building myself a big memorypalace for combined info on each country. I have in my mainpalace a hyperlink to a galaxy (far… far away (jokes on me)) where ive got a loci with 26 locus (ranked alphabetical order, A-Z). Each one of thoose is then hyperlinked to a loci where I have a lokus for each country. They are ranked in alphabetical aswell (Afghanistan, Akrotiri, Albania etc…)
Now the fun part begins. My loci for countrys starting on A is one of my grandmas room in her house so its quite easy for me to remember the lokus ive put in. But since the information I want for each country is, atleast untill further tweaking: The name, capitalname and ranking by SQ KM (land mass) I am building a journey for each country on the lokus ive put it on.
Since im using both english and my native language (swedish) for my remembering this wont work for you people, but the trick is quite the same as Ickathu wrote.
You just take a country, lets say Albania. That gives you for example “all bane yes” which reminds me of the bad guy in Batman maybe climbing up that cave and some obscure object/person shoutout loud “that was all bane yes”.
Yeah you get it, when you have that picture you link it to the imaginary picture you do from the captial of respective country, in this case Tirana.
With theese two images you can now start whatever journey you want and link whatever information you want on this country. Lets say economic status, common wealth, water mass. I choose for now to hold myself with adding the ranking of SQ KM chart.
Now for you to remember each journey easy, just place the first pic on your locus, in this case the monstreous Bane!

Best of luck!

feedback appreciated!

I welcome myself to the forum.

Great idea…

Could someone please elaborate on what “search” function is referred to? I intend to post a general question on what I would call “indexing,” and perhaps this thread relates to that topic, though I haven’t yet found the specific answers I’m looking for.

He’s half-joking. A search function isn’t something people actually talk about, but if you have memorized a bunch of objects well in a memory palace, and you phrase the question “where is x?” your mind’s eye will zip straight to that loci.
@Snillsparv, Why stop there? There’s population density and of course GDP… :slight_smile:

Could you just memorize the list of countries by linking each one to the next in story? Instead of loci?

I’m memorizing the list in order of population. Yes…it changes…but so do names and land mass. But with story…I can change it any time.

I’m not advocating story…I’m actually asking for thoughts.

Whatever system I use…I have to be able to memorize 10 facts about each country. Although I’m sure its fun…parlor tricks are not my thing. I’m doing this to get a real sense of context. So…when someone mentions a country…I have 10 facts at my service in which to filter information. Things like capital, population, GDP, most important historical figure (can tell you a LOT about a Country’s psychographic) , largest export, political structure…

It’s the same 10 facts per country. Eventually I want to ad a few common words in the mother tongue…etc

Obviously…this is a LONG term project (not 2 days).

Any advise (not criticism) would be helpful…especially from those of you who have actually done something similar.


I’ll be doing this soon. I’ve memorized all the capitals before I stumbled on memory techniques. I didn’t review them, so I lost them all. My approach will be:

Stage1: Preliminary.

1: Go on YouTube and learn color combinations, then associate each color to a famous person. Example: White = Barry White, Brown = Chris/James Brown and so on. (This will help in memorizing the flags)
2. On the flags, I’ll find out the most common designs like star signs as in US, Algeria, Vietnam and 17+ other countries, then associate the stars to a celebrity like Mike Starr (the musician).
3. I’ll also learn the flags designed in horizontal, vertical, zigzag, or too colorful. If it’s zigzag, it’ll be Zig Ziglar and so on.

Stage2: Continents Encoding.

  1. Countries by continent and in alphabetical
  2. Countries by continent and land mass
  3. Countries by continent and population

Stage3: Encoding All Countries

  1. All countries by population
  2. All countries by land mass
  3. All countries by alphabet
  4. All countries by Capital (Alphabetic)
  5. All countries by flag color/design
  6. All countries by indigenous and most radical celebrity. (Bad things are always memorable)
  7. All countries by independence
    7 All countries by the first president, prime minister, King, or whatever they call them (optional)
  8. And finally, compare and contrast.

I’ll do all these, then at the end I’ll only use all countries by first president/leader for my recall. All properties and qualities of each country will be saved on their leader’s loci.

Tip: Watch a 2 minutes YouTube video concerning the country I’m about to memorize, and use the video as a virtual loci.

So, if you mention or ask me anything concerning Argentina, I’ll think of the first president (Bernadino Rivadavia) of Argentina or I’ll use Lionel Messi to recall all details about Argentina.

Main format: - Continent - Person - Flag - Capital - Pop. - Mass.
Do you noticed how all the words start with a consonant, and not a vowel? So, everything becomes CPF/CPM to make it more nasty and memorable it’ll be A CoP F*C*ing Paul McCartehney to remember CPF/CPM. You can also call it iCPF/CPM, where ‘i’ = indepence.

Question. What do you know about Nigeria?
Answers: {iCPF/CPM} Nigeria is in Africa (Continent). The first elected democratic president was Pres. Olusegun Obasanjo on 29th May, 1999 [Nal & Tap B] - 29th May, 2007 [Nal & Noze K] (Person). The flag is a vertical green-white-green [Story: Robert Greene slappig Barry White, but the slap boomeranged and hits him instead, or simply GwG] (Flag). Right now the capital city is Abuja (Capital) and the commercial city is Lagos. The population is 168.8 million [Tiff F], as at 2012 census (Population). The land mass is 356,669 [Myshe & Jip] sq miles (Mass). And additionally, they gained their Independence from The Great Britain on 1st October, 1960 [Sud S & Tash S] (Independence).

Some details are missing, but the iCPF/CPM formula should be okay for a start. This is just my 50 little cents.

The moment I’m good with iCPF/CMP, everything about all countries will become Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

Loci is better. I’ll only use links if the countries I’m to link have something in common, like Liberian, Malaysian, American flag, and so on. If I use links with the countries above, it means I’m using link/story method. I’ll still put them in a a separate loci. The link/story is just for extra fortifications.

And if you’re a marketer, it’ll be great if you use iCPF/CPMg where g = Google’s Search Engines suffixes for all the countries like Singapore = google.com.sg, UK = google.co.uk, Nigeria = google.com.ng, South Africa = google.co.za and so on. This will help you know if to the top10 or at least if your page is known on every country’s google local search, and it’ll also help you know what’s popular in those countries. Some countries have more than 1 like China which are baidu.com, g.cn, and google.cn.
Type ‘how to’ on those search engines and you’ll get almost different results. Now, you can be the one feed them what they want. This will also help when learning a new language to search for materials from the local search engines.

If you really wanna go deep, it’ll be cool to also add the each country’s dialling/calling codes. I think I’ll add to my formula.

Hello Iam - you sounded like you had a pretty cool method for remembering lots of information about countries. How did it go? Have you finished memorizing it all? Did you make any changes to your ‘formula’?


Maybe you could memorise it by dividing the items: on the one hand create a loci list with the countries ordered by the data you want use to and on the other hand create links between the country and the data.