Where to begin?


Hi im recent joiner to AoM i was just wondering, and maybe its already been posted in the forum, where should i begin? I have a poor memory. I cant remember things like remembering what i was going to do next and i cant remember all the things i have to do during the day or during the week. And also its really hard for me study. Theres a ton of information here and its kinda overwhelming. So maybe someone could tell me of some wiki pages that would be useful to me. Also what kind of memory palaces should i use for short term and long term memorizations? Should i use my house for everyday things and special ones for long term ones? And later i want to Use these techniques for studying. Some people have suggested some books but i dont have enough money right now to buy them. What can i do on this website to really advance myself. Any information on any of these topics would be much appreciated. DannyBlue

(Josh Cohen) #2

Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

You might want to start with this free ebooklet [PDF].

What kinds of things do you want to memorize?

I think it doesn’t matter much how you arrange it as long as it makes sense to you. My temporary journey for things like short lists is a cafe in Massachusetts. The place where I live is a journey for long-term information. I guess I could have done it the other way too, but I think that the long-term information is more important, and I’m more familiar with the place where I live.