Where i can find complete chess variations to memorize full game with all alternatives?

Where i can find complete chess variations, for example if he moves here, moves here, for all variants, all chains?
I want to memorize such techniques to be able to quickly win with average skilled people.
But not only for opening, middle and end game, but for full, from beginning to end.

I wonder if you know anything about chess… For the fist 2 (TWO!) moves, there is 40 000 variations. Do you really think that you can memorise that stuff? I am quite good chess player, 1700 elo (but thats below my real skill;p) and mnemotechnics for them are useless. It is easier for a good player to learn fist the motives and than strategy and than just by pure repetition with aid of logic and feeling you learn how to play opening. Than, middlegame - you cannot memorise it. You have to practise combinations, planty of various motivies, mating nates, sacrifices and so on. And than there is endings and there you have to calculate a lot and now a little bit of theroy, there, maybe you can use mnemonics. And you won’t find any chessbase that you describe. You can buy chessbase with chessdatabase updated to 2013 than add some engine and that’s all.

you will never learn every possible variation of all the possible chess games, in fact you wouldn’t be able to learn 1% of 1% of the 10^125 possible games…

good news though, you can memorize your favorite and the most common chess openings with this http://www.amazon.com/Modern-Chess-Openings-15th-Edition/dp/0812936825

keep in mind these are only opening lines and it’s essential you understand the strategy or tactical advantages of each of them; otherwise you’re studying the variations for nothing since once you run out of opening moves and the game progresses into the middle game you will be essentially clueless about how to proceed properly.

the best thing you can do for your chess game is lots of practice and studying/solving tactics.