Where do you guys spend most of your "internet time"? Any websites you'd recommend?

If I’m looking to waste time online I usually go for Reddit. There are some interesting niche subreddits related to cognition (e.g. nootropics). I use Youtube very sparingly, same with social media sites. I’ve thought about using Twitter but I think it would only serve to increase my anxiety. Any interesting sites you guys would recommend?

I love browsing Wikipedia. It’s the time of year when they are asking for donations though. I donated to them last year, and I’m debating whether I want to again.

I don’t recommend actually posting on any popular social media website. I feel a lot of them end up as echo chambers, and I don’t feel that debating with people on those sites who disagree with you on something is ever productive for any involved party. The volunteers who edit Wikipedia sometimes have “edit wars”, but this is something the vast majority of Wikipedia’s readers don’t have to see.

I also read blogs of people I find interesting, like Zoomy on this forum, who has had his blog for about 15 years now (though I have only followed it since finding out about the memory athlete community via Moonwalking with Einstein). Sometimes I also like to look at the social media profiles of these people, such as tweets from Nelson Dellis or Buzz Aldrin (of Apollo 11 moonwalking fame). I like doing this because their updates are generally more interesting than those of people I actually know, such as former classmates. You don’t need an account with these social media sites to follow public posts, although the sites will ask you to “sign up or log in” when you browse them without an account or signed out.


Ted talks. Simple ideas, explained in a simple way. Not very deep, sometimes a bit of non sense, but often interesting and entertaining.


Quora, you get to learn new things, stories and experiences from many people, interesting ideas, facts and pieces of history. The question answer format is simply good.