When will the software be released? A lot of expectation

When will the software be released? A lot of expectation

It’s March, I can not wait any more.

I just went to the pre-order page to see if there were any updates and under production timeline, it now says ‘2017’ instead of ‘March 2017’ for the full release. It would be nice to get a progress update.

Any updates on when the Kickstarter software will be released? It’s been nearly a year and a half since the original campaign and I’m starting to wonder if the software is even still in the works. Or maybe it was released and I just missed it?

I have the same question about updates to the software. I do not want to pay in advance and wait for months until the software is finished in order to use it.Do you even have a menu on exactly what features will be offered? I am interested in using paintings and would like some sources so I can copy paintings aand then enlarge them.

We’re working on it as quickly as we can, and there should be new features online soon. If you want to avoid any risk of waiting after payment, it would be best to wait before paying. The initial prices are discounted in order to thank people for early support, because of things like risks of delays.

Very sorry that the entire system is not online yet, but we’re definitely working on it, and it’s getting closer.

Let’s continue to discuss it over here, so that we can answer all the questions in just one location. Otherwise we might not see all of the comments.