When and How often I should I produce new palace as a beginner?

Hi all,

I am trying to pass a level 4 test with words. Should I use a new palace every time I try it? I find the old image interrupt the new one sometimes.


@pacozaa I’m sure you’re going to get many different answers for this question. It’s really a personal choice. If you find that using the same palace often confuses what you’re trying to remember then make a new one or use layers of the same loci. For example, one of your palaces may use several entire rooms, the next could possibly utilize the objects of each room previously mentioned, while yet another uses all the walls, corners and ceilings of each room as loci. Good luck

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I find it’s worth taking the time 2 regularly brainstorm all the places I have been to, even though there are some that come out faded, there’s always a few spots that can be used.

I really like to do that when I’m in a completely relaxed State. I particularly like to go through the places I’ve been to lately and jumping back in time to other epochs in my life. Reminiscing always brings me to a good place to use.

I call it my time-travelling Palace😯

So my tip, find, create, play with more palaces to use, the more the merrier, and don’t ever reuse any before being sure it’s faded enough.


@pacozaa You can refresh, recreate, reimagine, and even rip apart your Palace(s). You only need use your imagination. In my Palace, I layer it. Each Palace is different and some on the same level and each one has its own unique loci. After finishing one level, I portal jump to next one. Obviously, in here, I write the laws of physics at my leisure. You can do something similar or better for you. Any stimuli that causes the irritant of the🧠 like the unlikely, the impossible and the absolutely absurd. Wouldn’t you forever remember if you saw a coop of chickens dressed in drag and dancing to “Thriller” ?