Whats your opinion on the AA-ZZ letter pair image system for memorizing words in med school?

thats nearly 270 combinations! whats your opinion? is it efficient for somebody who needs to recall huge amounts of new words? it would be used in a memory palace i make up as i go along

disclaimer; one of my biggest problems with the method of loci was that i would NOT forget the images but what i actually meant by them. i think this would fix it?

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Could you please explain this AA-ZZ … method a bit? I have to admit I have no idea what it’s about.

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Are you trying to create an image for every two-letter pair?

I think the only way for you to know is to try it out. But I had the same problem as you at the beginning and I think it’s common among people using the method of loci, especially at the beginning.

What works for me is placing image while focusing on what I am trying to remember. Not so easy at first, but it eventually worked out and now I generally remember what is necessary and not only the image. But that’s Not all… so many factors can make at work better or worse. You’ll find plenty of tips and examples on that in this forum.

Going through the palace a couple of times with the info to remember at hand also helps.

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Little correction, if you want every letter pair of the english alphabet you need 26x26 images, which is 676.
Foreign alphabets might need even more. For the Khmer alphabet you already would need 74x74=5476 images

To me it has always been not worth the effort. Sure it might be nice to remember the spelling when memorizing new words, but it is not worth the energy to me. Especially medical terms, which often are a combination of existing words.

Lets take an easy one: Musculi Intercostales Externi.

I do NOT want to do that with an AA-ZZ system, I want to understand what it means because that is how the terminology is designed. It is the outer muscles found between the ribs. That way I can recreate the term.

For things like brand names of medication, it can be useful, but I prefer one of the many other methods


yes. i was thinking of a smilar system such as major system and combine them in person-action-object . btw whats the advantage of a person-action system(no object)

PA and PAO systems reduce the number of repeated images when memorizing a lot of information.

  • A 2-digit number system has 100 images (00 to 99) from 100 base images.
  • A 2-digit Person-Action System has 10,000 compound images (00-00 to 99-99) from 200 base images.
  • A 2-digit PAO System has 1,000,000 compound images (00-00-00 to 99-99-99) from 300 base images.

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lol, 270 combination is not even something to gasp about, aim higher and you wont see it as hard to accomplish.