What's your image for 328?

This is one that doesn’t really seem to have decent images in the Major system.

MINIVAN - too easily confused with any other sort of car.

MINEFIELD - a bit better, maybe a bit too close to BOMB.

MAINFRAME - too easily confused with server?

I think of a mainframe as being large. A server can be any size and fit on a small microcontroller. You could even fit a server inside of a webpage.

Edit: it’s possible to run a server on one of these. It could work for a “server” image.

Or “server” could refer to a waiter.

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I actually know someone with the last name: Munaf

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I should just go around finding people with odd names for this purpose lol.

Another idea is to prefix 32-* numbers with the word “mini”. Then you could use any image that starts with the last digit. MiNi Fox or something like that.


Probably the way of diffentiating from server is to visualise one of those old fashioned, pre-internet mainframes:

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Manfred Mann

Doo Wah Diddy Manfred Mann HiQ Hybrid JARichardsFilm - YouTube