What's up everybody, I'm Devin your newest member

What’s up everybody, I’m Devin your newest member.

I am 19 years old and attend Northwest Vista College, but I intend to transfer out to Texas A&M next year. I was born and raised in San Antonio Texas. I’m currently majoring in Geology and I plan on using that degree to go into my true passion which is paleontology. I have always aspired to become a paleontologist since I was a young child and I aim to make that dream a reality. My other academic interests include evolutionary biology, anthropology, zoology, ecology, and just about anything that relates to natural history. My hobbies include reading, hiking, working out, playing video games, and listening to music. I found this website after watching the Netflix documentary Memory Games and like the subjects said in the documentary “If they can do it, why not I?” I am excited to learn a new skill and hopefully become a memory champion one day!


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:


Welcome, Devin!

I just wanted to point out that there is a massive amount of information here, but it won’t automatically reveal itself to you. So, please explore.

The current forum activity is great, but archived discussions go back at least seven or eight years and there is a wealth of information in that material.

Also, be sure to check out the Resources tab above. The material there can help ground you in the basics and then point you to additional resources and information.

Finally, a favor…

I think one of the most common posts we see from folks in school is, “I have a big test coming up in a week/month and I need help memorizing everything I need to know for it.” But the biggest benefits from memory techniques can only be realized once you’ve established a foundation. There are “systems” (sounds overly fancy; they’re not) for memorizing numbers, for creating memorable images, and for keeping them in memory for as long as you want/need them. But some of these take some practice. Some need to be lived with long enough for you to say, “You know, that technique doesn’t really work for me. Let me try this one for that kind of information.”

My favor? Please ask for help before the panic and pressure set in. That will give you the best opportunity for success.




Just in case you are to young to understand this mnemonic picture:

Mr. T is a famous actor who not only played the opponent of Rockey in Rockey III, but was one of the four members of the TV show “The A- team” (probably the most famous tv show ever in Holland).

The dinosaur is the T-rex.


What’s with the rockets and guns? Was that part of Mr. T’s character on the A-Team? I wasn’t around in the 80s.

The A-team are a group of American soldiers wrongly accused of something., so they have to flee the army. In order to make a living they become soldiers for hire and protect the innocent against the bad guys. Every episode ends with a shoutout with machineguns and nobody ever gets hurt; the bad guys simply surrender. Greatest tv-show ever.