What's a good way for a 14 year old to train?

Hello! I’m a 14 year old looking for ways to get better at mental math. Here are some of my weaknesses:

  1. Endurance
    I have small stretches of fast calculations, but often I have this one easy problem (like 2 digit addition) that I get stuck on for an unreasonable amount of time.
  2. Memory
    I can’t do the 10x10s because I don’t have the memory to store the answers and the method that I use requires me to look at the numbers.
  3. Mental Math without looking at the numbers

If you guys could give me any tips, training techniques, algorithms, or a training regiment, that would be great!

Thanks in advance!

Memory when it comes to math is kinda different I think. I’ve been familiar with the tables, been able to give the answer just by looking at it. Since I’m often exposed to numbers as a student. It’ll be hard at first but you have to practice.

Here are some of my book recommendations that may help you:

•How To Learn And Memorize Math, Numbers, Equations, And Simple Arithmetic (Magnetic Memory Series) by Anthony Metivier

•Secrets on Mental Math by Arthur Benjamin and
Michael Shermer

•Maths Sutra by Gaurav Tekriwal

•Speed Mathematics Simplified by Edward Stoddard


Mostly this book has exercises so you could try them out, and train by yourself.

There are a lot of methods in Mental Math, and I’m learning different methods so I get used to them and when I see a problem I could automatically choose an appropriate method.
I’m learning Vedic Maths, Trachtenberg System, and I also have an abacus, (I use abacus mostly on addition) I’m still practicing on multplication.
But it’s up to you, and don’t assume that you’ll see the results real fast. It takes a lot of practice so devote some of your time for learning the methods. At first it is hard, since the brain is unfamiliar yet, but over time it’ll be worth it.

Goodluck!! :grinning:

Check out the Mental Divisions for Dummies post just below this one if you want some additional info on the mental math; the video that benjamin1990 posted is purportedly “very beneficial for competitive exams”. Definitely worth a watch if you’re curious about more.

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The thread order will change over time, so I’ll post a link to it here for easy future access. :slight_smile:

Appreciate the assist, I’m still fumbling my way through getting introduced to the forum :rofl:

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Thank you for the suggestions! I’ll make sure to check them out!