What you see on the screen


This is an odd topic title, I know - but I couldn’t think of a better one.

While I’ve been watching Memory League games, I’ve noticed that - visually - things can look different to what I see when I train/play a game myself.

For example, in one numbers games, one player’s numbers were coming out in single batches of four - eg 4123 - while another’s were appearing in sets of three - eg 145 675 934.

I’ve seen the same thing with words - ie they appear in batches of two or three.

Is it possible to alter how numbers/word etc appear on-screen? Or does it just look different to a viewer?

I can see how it might speed things up and was curious as to whether there is another approach.


Also - and I appreciate that perhaps this might work better as a separate heading - what sort of technology do people find works best?

I use a desktop with a mouse - which can, at times, be a bit clumsy. Do people find that tablets work better? Ie just using your finger to punch through the information and being able to hit ‘Finished’ faster?


Memory League allows you to set your own preferences in how the information should be grouped in the various disciplines. When you are watching others play you are simply seeing exactly what they are seeing, and how they are memorising their information. You can change your own preferences and define how the information should be grouped for you by going to the Training or Compete tab (see example picture below).

As for your question in the 2nd post:
I strongly prefer being on a computer. Using the keyboard to sweep through the information during the memorisation phase is just waaay faster and way more convenient than clicking with your finger on a tablet. Plus, I find typing on a tablet to be a generally horrible experience, which makes recall for at least Names and Words on a tablet infeasible to me. With that said: recall for Images is actually very convenient with a touch interface (having a laptop with a touch screen has its perks :D). Lastly, I’d also recommend having a proper mouse for recall of Cards. At least to me, that makes a huge difference. The overlapping cards are a bit too small to click on conveniently with my finger on a touch screen, and I feel like I’m losing a lot of time moving the mouse when I’m only using my laptop’s mousepad.


I’d also recommend you to check out the keyboard shortcuts that are available to you (you can find them by clicking on Instructions in the Training tab. Making proper use of them can help to speed up your memorisation and/or recall.


I’m an idiot! All this time, and I have never thought to look at the Instructions/Preferences tabs. :frowning:

Thank you SO much for this information. I’m sure it will help me enormously in speeding up memorisation times. And the shortcuts info is very useful, too.

I had wondered if I was hampering myself by using a desktop/mouse, so it’s reassuring to know that this is your preferred approach. And the shortcut info - hitting Enter to ‘Finish’, for example - is very handy.

In hindsight, I realise I should have worked this out for myself. But, again, thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction. I’m very grateful.