What training could you suggest to a beginner

Hi everybody

As I had said in my introduction post, the biggest challenge I would like to realize would be to have a memory comparable to what Cicero’s memory was: full of citations, culture and nearly all interesting subjects.

That’s why I am searching for informations about which kind of training I could use and how I could do in order do achieve this goal.

In other words, what kind of training could you suggest to me? I must say that I am really a complete beginner, and that I don’t already master any kind of technique. So, if you have suggestions, I will be extremely happy!


Frenchie from France

Start with the Method of Loci, practice there, learn to both make and use a memory palace :slight_smile:

Should you want to learn facts, also learn how to turn those into images which you can place in your memory palace in a memorable way. The same for citations, a language system or word system could be useful to learn there.

I can go more on depth on this, but lets first see how you do :smiley: As a complete beginner, Memory Palaces are the most important. Try starting out with your own house or a place you know very well, those make great memory palaces.

Thank you very much!

I will try to do this way. How many words do you think I should try to begin with? I’ve read somewhere that approximatively 20 would be a good start.

Concerning the palace, I will begin with a single room (the one I’m in), and then grow the palace by adding some rooms. What do you think about it?

As above… Memory systems all have a set of easily memorable images to quickly attach your new memory too. This means that the creation of peg systems, journeys, palaces, pao are generally prerequistes to the really impressive successes.

Howevers… While you are establishing these the most important thing you can do is practice, gain confidence, and don’t quit after 5 or 6 weeks. Early successes are extremely motivating. I was very excited when I realized how trivial it was to use a journey and the major system to be able to rattle off the first 100 digits of pi. I then got distracted by other things put down my practice and didn’t complete my learning of the major system or creation of my memory palaces. You need to use the techniques daily and make them an integral part of your memory… This is takes time and persistence rather than hard work or genius. Massed practice is productive early but only persistence will turn these techniques into skills. Like anything else 10,000 hours of intentional practice should make you appear to be a savant by those who have not practiced. Quite a few rather odd people have misrepresented themselves as savant. Even those that may be savant such as the gentleman that rainman was based on have put well over the requisite 10,000 hours of practice into this. :wink:

Thanks for your advice!

I’ve started yesterday to build a kind of “memory palace” (well, it’s size makes it a cabin instead of a palace but it still works), with 20 different places. By making words interacting with the environment, it became pretty much easier than by only repeating words after words. And the journey, like the words, are still there today.

Anyway, some words are quite difficult to change into an action (I have had some difficulties with the word “revelatrice” (the woman who reveals, in french)).

I am not sure to really understand the meanings of words as Peg and Pao.

How many time would you suggest to a beginner to train everyday? Is the exercice I’ve mentionned above is enough or should I add some variations?


Frenchie from France

Check out the pages on peg systems and PAO system. :slight_smile:

I don’t know French, but it might help to break the words into smaller parts. I would break “revelatrice” into “revel” and “tricycle” and then create an image with those plus a woman in something “revealing”.