What to focus on to become a great quizzer?

Lately I’ve started going to quizzes in Gothenburg, where I live at the moment. It’s a lot of fun and of course memory techniques are a great tool for improving at these.

What would you suggest are great things to memorize for quizzing? I have already gone through the “obvious” ones such as the countries of the world and general world (and Swedish) history. I also recently finished memorizing a sort of encyklopedia called “What every Swede should know” (600 pages of alphabetically sorted information in chapters on anything from art and literature to medicine and natural sciences) which felt extremely useful. This kind of condensed and structured information seems like a goldmine. Do you know of other such books or resources that could be interesting to look into?

One of my biggest weaknesses is popular music (like hits between 1960 and 2020). This seems like such a vast territory, especially for someone like me who only listened to the same five or so albums during my entire childhood and adolescence. Any suggestions on improving on that in a structured way?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


When it comes to popular music,u need to start with the following genres:

  • Pop- Solo(Male & Female) and Group(Male & Female)

  • Disco

  • Rock

  • Metal

  • Hip Hop(Rap)


  • One hit wonders
  • Movie OST

Then, Categorize the music artists by decade.

Here’s a starting list for Female Pop Bands:

*ABBA ,Ace of Base,No Doubt ,The Cranberries are not all-female bands.

If u r looking for a similar list for the other genres, then do let me know.

Once categorized,then search on youtube “The Best of/Greatest hits of [Artist’s name]”.
Usually its never more than 20 to 25 songs.

Once u have the song list ready,then check if there’s a music video for it.
In most cases there will be one.

Remember,we are discussing popular music,that is songs that everyone knows /should know.It is mainly the music video that can make even the most trashiest song popular.
If a song doesn’t make it to the television,then the majority (usually) don’t care.

Once u are down with the above list,then you can start checking out the individual albums.

Hope this helps…Cheers.

You could listen to Pandora or Satellite Radio. They have stations called 50,60,70,80,90’s etc. You can see the artist and the band. Put them in a memory palace as you hear the songs. If you listen to over the air radio, it seems like they play the same 20 popular songs over and over. I would guess these would be the most popular from these time periods and one likely to come up in quizzes.

Maybe give this a go… https://pubquizquestionshq.com/categories/music