What techniques do you use for Memory League

Hi guys, i just recently joined the world of memorization as well as the Memory League.

I dont know if the techniques that i am using are the most suitable for the games. So id like to write them down and u guys can make coments and type which ones are u using. Even pointing up ur scores!

I would like to know how you memorize such an amount of material in no time!

Cards I use Pao and attach the images to Loci. Im level 3 advice for improving?

Images I link the first image to my first image of major system and so on… ( dont know if this is the best way of doing it or i should try Loci…? im Level 10 but cant recall faster tan 58 secs

Numbers I was just memorizing them by creating chains… and the momenti forget one image im done… how u guys do it? my best score is 34

Words I am relating the words to my major system images and combining them… im level 7. How do u guys memorize them? i think that im not using the best strategy.

Hope we can Exchange methods and experience!!!


The most common approach to all of those four disciplines is to use the method of loci. Actually, I can’t recall hearing/reading about anyone that doesn’t use that for Cards, Numbers and Words. The only discipline where I’ve actually heard of people using something else than the method of loci is for Images, where a very small number of athletes are using some sort of peg-system (similar to what you are doing now).


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Sorry for writing so much about my techniques :sweat_smile:
Let’s now talk about yours.

As far as I know, people are achieving excellent scores with this one. The magic word is practice.

As @FlorianMinges already said, some people are using pegs for Images. I’m sure you can get good results with this method, given that you practice enough. The only problem I see is that you are in danger of running out of Major system images, especially when it is a 2 digit one.

This one is, uhm, brave. I think you should try the method of loci for Numbers. It really makes your life easier.

Thanks for the interesting topic. I hope there is something in my post that can help you.

Looking forward to read more answers :slight_smile:

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Thanks, ill start using more the Loci, it seems to be very usefull

The secret is to think as little as possible. Don’t use any pegs, its a waste of time, don’t use any furnitures or fictional people to strenghten your vision. I put three images in one location. I just put them on the floor. When I make associations between images I follow those 3 rules : first image throw second to third, second image falls from first to third, second image stands on a first image and holds third. There are many exceptions but that usually works.
My best is 8.86s.


Thank u so much for sharing ur experience sir @Finwing. I enjoyed Reading ur answer.

In first place its been quite usefull the info u gave me.

I started in this memory world like 4 moths ago and im following other trainings such as memoryzing decimals in 1 second, binaries … color shapes etc… is also exiting.

I joined a couple of weeks ago to this memory league and its very fun and exciting since u can see others progress and scores.

Which is ur particular experience in this memory world?

According to ur comments, it made me realize that u also use the loci but u have customized it. And it has its presence in all ur techniques

I was just creating my pao system 0-99 or using it in numbers and recall 6 digits in just one image.

So i finally think that i Will now organize my techniques the following way

Images: ill use Loci or the peg system

Numbers: ill use the pao in orther to gather 6 digits in one image and link it to loci

Words: ill use loci and maybe customize it like u do

Cards: i have a special pao created for cards so ill just practice harder.

Names. I do exactly the same as u but my personal record is 18.

Thanks u again for sharing, this has been so usefull in order to organize my ideas and mental techniques.

Looking forward to read ur answer about ur memory experience and about my techniques choices for the games

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@zonjan It seems interesting, but i dont fully understand how u link the three images in the location. Could u plis try to explain it again with more detail?. id like to try it.


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In first location I see a pen falling from building on a snail (second rule), Eiffel tower stands on balls and monkeys are standing at the top (third rule), wave throws paratroopers at planes (first rule). I hope you understand my method now.


Oh wow! I understand now. Thanks for the explanation. Seems a very original method, plus those 8 sec are amazing. Ill give it a try!

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Yes, that’s pretty much the case, except for Names.

Actually I’m nowhere near the most experienced players out there, so there is no guarantee that I’m right. But I think you can become a top player using the techniques you suggested.

You seem to be quite clever. I would really like to play with you in the Online Memory League Championship soon :wink:


Thanks for your coments man. You helped me a lot,

I wish we play together soon, i need to speed up to catch ur level.

See you around Finwing. Regards


Ive just tried it for the first time and I have the same time as before.

it isn’t a magic trick that will make you memorise images in 10s when you learn it. Just keep practise, do 50 attempts and tell me if that helped you.


What you do is called link system or storymethod, only difference is you are taking three images at a time and a rule of interactions for simple linking actions (good thought). You could even expand it. Thank you for sharing, I’m stealing this method.


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Your technique sounds good to me. I’m using loci (2 images per location) and then i try to create a history between the 2 images and the location, but sometimes is hard to create that history and takes time. i’m at lvl 9 i started 2 days ago. But suppose you have this 3 images : 1. Lion , 2. Beach 3. Sky
How do you imagine in 1 sec a lion “throwing” a beach to the sky ? Seems super hard to me