What technique do you use for Images on Memory League?

What technique do you use for images on Memory League?


Memory palace with 2-3 images per loci.


I use Number-Rhyming and associate each image with its relevant number. Probably not the best if you’re after speed (my fastest to date is only about 53 seconds), but I find it the easiest method for me.

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Some asked me this today, here my answer:

Method 1:

Using the method of loci and a memory peg list for numbers from 00-99 or a 0-9:

*Each target “image” (picture) you will link by anything that comes to mind with an “peg image”, let’s call this combined image: mnemonic image. Some champions do this, like Yanjaa.
*Each mnemonic image you’re going to place it within a memory palace.

Method 2:

You create a mnemonic image for each picture and place it within a locus of a memory palace as soon as possible.

Method 3:

Visualize each picture with a cue that will remind you of its numeric position. The cue could me peg image from a number list but other kind of cues are useful too. I have even tried picturing the numeric symbols in tandem with the images and I was able to recall many but not very fast.

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