What should I do about perfectionism?

May I ask, is it okay for me to feel confused about something I’m learning now because I didn’t study it “perfectly”, perfectly means staying on the page at-least half an hour reading everything in the page.

What kind of material are you studying? The amount of time a page takes to study depends on various things, including the content and how familiar you are with the subject.

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Is it okay to feel confused about something you are learning? Yes.
because you didn’t study the content perfectly? Yes
perfectly means staying on the page at-least half an hour? No
reading everything in the page? Yes

I heavily suffer from perfectionism. The way I have come to deal with it, is for example by perfectly doing the minimum required, in order to avoid doing a task perfectly overall. It almost always takes longer to do something perfectly and usually you do not need to.

It is okay, is what one would typically say but it entirely depends on your goals. You only need to do enough to meet your goals, no more. If you meet your goals doing this then it is okay, if not, then it is not.


I agree with @Nagime.

I think you should use the Pareto principle, 80/20 rule. Oftentimes, it’s the 20% information that’s crucial in trying to understand something.

I don’t think staying on the page at least half an hour reading is okay… Well unless you’re trying to memorize it verbatim…

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What I’m trying to learn is programming through textbooks, which contain thousands of new concepts that I’m trying to understand then memorize, The way I’m learning is taking important notes then memorizing them, even after taking notes of a certain page I feel like I didn’t study carefully, that is my problem.

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If you post an example of a book you’re reading and mention what the end goal is people here might be able to offer some tips. Studying a book in order to build a project or get a job is probably different than studying a book to pass a school exam.

I’m not sure if you’re already doing this, but one thing that helps with programming is to build a lot of projects. It’s impossible to memorize everything, and the field is constantly changing. If you mainly focus on concepts, a lot of the more-specific knowledge can be offloaded to editors/IDEs (auto-completion and documentation), Stack Overflow, and Google. The “building things” part is more important than the reading part.