What questions you ask yourself before committing a bit of information To Memory


I feel that I encode info to images and place them in palaces way too early before fully understanding them. Is it an illusion?

I was wondering to what extent the community is investing in fully understanding information to be memorized.

When do you feel this bit of info is ready to be encoded into an image and get placed around a loci?

Do you care to memorize Info right away on he first session you get exposed to , or you wait days before using a memory technique like memory palace?

If you got anything relevant to this topic please share it!


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Thanks for your detailed answer.
It is actually very dense, I am still pondering upon it.

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For me,encoding itself is “understanding”! I understand something better if I encode it using mnemonic techniques. Not sure about others!

But I found that encoding something with mnemonic techniques is “active learning/attention/understanding” for me!

This is why, if I read a book,article or have to understand a complex subject in my day job,or prepare myself for a critical meeting with a client, I always use “mnemonic” techniques to understand the subject material better… I understand something better as I go on encoding it mnemonic techniques!!!


One way to look at it is that the appropriate level of understanding differs based on the nature of the information. If you’re encoding it in order to learn it in the first place, then perhaps you needn’t understand it that well beforehand; if you’re encoding it because you’ve decided it’s something you want to keep indefinitely, then perhaps a deeper understanding is appropriate. And I agree with both of the other replies – the encoding itself brings understanding, and you are the final arbiter. I’m also increasingly attracted to the idea of having “temporary” and “permanent” palaces – the temporary ones to serve as scratch paper that you use while learning things to hold on to them until they are solid in your mind, the permanent ones to serve as places to permanently store material in an orderly way…


I like your approach and wondered if you would be kind enough to elaborate more on how you do this?
I always use “mnemonic” techniques to understand the subject material better - can you give an example of this please? thanks