What next?


Basically my problem is this

I attended a performance by a guy called Derren Brown
I was given a book about memory techniques
I was all fired up about the possibilities of having such a memory & of how useful it would be to anyone

I felt why wouldn’t anyone wants a good memory? for me it sounded like a blind man you had two perfectly good arms who refused to use them simply because he couldn’t see them!

I got very “evangelistic” about memory systems and felt that what passes as standard memory was in fact inferior memory and why wouldn’t anyone want to have the memory they were supposed to have?!

I began in earnest on the Peg System because that was the one that seemed recommended in that book but soon found very little use for my newfound skill

Occasionally I play chess for fun not against grandmasters or in competition and I don’t see any local memory contests so, in short, I don’t seem to have the imagination to come up with USES for a good memory!

Yes I can remember shopping lists etc but learning the peg system is a lot of effort when tapping into a mobile phone or scribbling onto a scrap of paper would do just as well?

I guess I’m a bit disillusioned with myself more than with the memory systems and I’d like to ask other enthusiasts what practical uses they use them for. I’ve heard people say it helps them with their language learning, for instance, (I speak only English) but how?

I spend all my full time involved in music and learning to play various instruments is a lot of fun to do and helps others too but again I can’t think how peg system or other the like could help. I can’t think how memory systems could have a real-world application in my life

Am I missing something?

I will keep at my Peg System but it would help enormously to know why!

Anyone have any thoughts, please…?

(Josh Cohen) #2

Check out this post for some ideas.

Memory techniques work well for vocabulary. If you want to try learning a foreign language, Esperanto is easy to learn, has a significant number of speakers around the world (probably at least a few hundred thousand that want to communicate in Esperanto), and helps with learning additional languages