What methods for the conservation of text

Hello all
how is your condition?
I am a new belly member my name Aseel
I am prepared to test the secondary do not know any of the methods of the memory to use the material from (chemistry, physics, poles, phase, neighborhood, etc.) and how much did you need the memory of the memory of all the teaching materials?
And how to save my conduct?
And the concepts of scientific concepts and scientific and analyzes How to save it?
To say it is a big problem with them and there are another skills of more than his doctrine education and understanding?
How is a written book in a craftsman?
And how is the book is a little thought to be a matter of a matter of craftsman?
And how is the words I do not agree English English :sweat_smile:

Thank you


This is a nice set of questions.

I’m sure most will agree that you’ll want to:

  1. Develop skills with the Memory Palace technique (or a variant)

  2. Develop a means of encoding numbers (Major System or variant)

  3. Develop a peg system/alphabet list (or some variant)

What do you mean by books and craft? I also don’t understand what you mean by “English English” not agreeing. Please expand.

Sorry, I am not good at English, so I am using Google Translate. Sorry for the mistakes😅

English is not my mother tongue and I’m not good at spelling. Another question I find it extremely difficult to extract keywords from a subject.