What memory technique is this?

In order to remember to buy some shoes, flowers, and vinegar, you may visualise a pair of shoes filled with vinegar in which a bouquet of flowers are wilting. This is an example of a memory technique known as _______ images.

It sounds like the linking or story methods, but those don’t fit the “_____ images.” I’ve also tried linking images but it’s also wrong. Any ideas?

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@jjnjjjnj Welcome to the Forum! I’ll try some of my words. You associate the three images. If one encoded image lets you move from its associated value to another you have a traversal method. But I think you have no traversal method so, no story. It’s like a photograph.

So it’s what I call a data entry or a key-value pair, or in this case two pairs that share an image. An entry has no traversal method and a story does. So how about key-value paired images?

Are you going to put anything else in those shoes?