What memory tactic should I employ?

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Hi all!

Thank you to the activate members of the community who’s posts have already helped me start my memory journey. Specific thanks to Bateman, Josh Cohen, and Anthony Metivier.

I got started by memorizing the US Presidents and term dates via the major system combined with a memory palace and I’ve been surprised how easily the information sticks in my brain!

I am struggling to identify the best organization and memory strategy for my next project so I wanted to collect some best practices from the community.

I am trying to memorize:

  • Every NBA Champion by year
  • NBA runner-up by year
  • NBA MVP by year
  • NBA Finals MVP by year

My initial thought would be to have each year’s information stored in a loci using the major system to encode the dates (much like the palace I explained above).

The downside to this method is it becomes difficult when I am trying to answer the question, “How many titles have the Boston Celtics won?”, because I would need to go through the entire memory palace and count each loci that has the Celtics.

I want to be able to answer both:

  • “Who was the NBA MVP in 1973?” (Which a memory palace can answer easily)
  • “How many titles have the Boston Celtics won?”

Should I simply add another room to my palace with each team getting a loci for their specific information? (Ex. One of the loci would be Boston Celtics- 17 championships)

Thank you for your help!

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That is what I would do.