What memorization technique would help me calculate long numbers in my head?

Hello, I’ve seen people on this site calculating very long numbers on in there head and I was wondering what memorization technique they were using to track all those numbers in their head. What memorization tricks are used often to multiply or power long numbers mentally? Thank you.

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Most of it doesn’t have much to do with memorisation. I’d recommend Secrets of Mental Math by Art Benjamin to get started with doing calculations in your head. That being said, memory techniques start coming into play with longer calculations, because it becomes difficult to store longer numbers in your head while you are doing the other parts of the calculation. Art Benjamin recommends the Major System in his book, but any number system (e.g. Dominic) will work fine. Even at that point though it’s probably still 1% memory and 99% mental maths.


Thank you for your answer.

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