What kinds of techniques do you use to study medicine?


Hey everyone, nice to meet like-minded individuals trying to grasp the mountain that is medicine lol.

It’ll be nice to see how everyone tackles various subjects, i.e. pharmacology (e.g. learning drug doses, microbiology (bacteria and their pathologies) and many more :smiley:

A problem I have is trying to work out when is the best time to use a particular technique, as using a less effective technique wastes time, and time is pretty much a necessity we don’t have lol.

To kick off discussion, I pose the question: How do you use memory techniques to study medicine?, and if you do, it would be nice to see an example of how you achieved this :smiley:


Hi! I finished medical college a few years ago and I am still trying new methods of memorising. Although (or in spite of the fact) I have a memory/attention deficit that makes my life hard in some aspects there I may have one or two ideas for you that I hope will help. First try to visualise…a lot. Not only what you learn but other stuff also.Use the Loci method, the “shrinking” method. Try to speak aloud what you learn. Associate various subjects between the courses. For example: When you learn the anatomy of the kidney learn in the same session a bit about its physiology, etc. But just a bit, make many many associations, with images inside your head, I use a reportophone also, write a lot … Try these methods a lot and it will be easier to learn it I hope.
And read things around this site, they have fine ideas, I get my inspiration from here now and then.
As for when to use a particular method it is up to you to figure which are best for you. Send me a message and we can discuss about this if you like. I will respond eventually but it will take me some time to.

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What is a reportophone? Is it a kind of audio recorder?



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Thanks, I hadn’t heard the term before. :slight_smile: