What kind of Memory content do you want to see?

What kind of videos do you watch that are Memory Related?
Maybe one instructional video from Alex Mullen
Some crazy adventure from Nelson Dellis
Or mind blowing TV performance by Yanjaa?

Would like to hear what you have to say!

Favorite Memory Youtuber ever : Yanjaa !

It misses something important on Youtube Memory Related : Videos for experienced people and memory athlete. I like to see people doing great challenges and give advices towards them. It’s just missing a good youtube channel only for memory athletes and memory sports :slight_smile:

I also really like Nelson Dellis, he is such a good teacher and very charismatic. His videos are so instructional!


I would like to see that they take on a challenge that is related to memorizing/learning real stuff. I was very enthusiastic when Ron White announced some years ago to learn Spanish with mem techniques, but after a few videos it was already over. I do like the interviews they have on youtube and talk about techniques etc… I also like it when they demonstrate how fast they can remember numbers like the Nelson Dellis video where he uses a super Mario game to memorize them all. He is one of the best on youtube I think that comes up with very cool videos. But overall there is certainly room for more memory sport related channels.


I want to see more real-world applications. Yeah, it’s cool to memorize a deck of cards; but can you memorize a book? Can you memorize all the species of birds in your area and their bird calls? Can you memorize the history of a particular area? That sort of thing.