What is your favorite song?

Mine is “SLEEPING SATELLITE” by Tasmin Archer.

And yours?


Almost all the songs of Aurora Aksnes are quite nice


I don’t really have a single favorite song, but I got into early jazz-fusion a while ago and have been listening to Allan Holdsworth non-stop for over a year (along with some related musicians and acts: Tony Williams, John McLaughlin, Miles Davis, Return to Forever, Soft Machine, etc.).

A book about his music sums it up well:

If Yoda had played guitar he would have sounded like Allan Holdsworth… like fine wine or poetry, once one acquires the taste, the music of Allan Holdsworth becomes a never-ending obsession — and even a dependable friend.

The music was too far ahead of its time to achieve commercial success, but modern guitar playing probably wouldn’t exist without him.

I’ll stop my post here before I ramble on too much about it. :smiley:


I didnt knew about him.

Interesting, and thanks for sharing.

Dynamite (BTS song)

A few from my favourite bands:
Opeth: When, Ghost of Peridition, Bleak, Demon of the Fall, Masters Apprentices
Katatonia: Deliberation, The Longest Year, Ambitions, Criminals, Lethean
Dark Tranquillity: Out of Nothing, Terminus (Where Death is most alive), Lost to Apathy, Damage Done, Dream Oblivion

Favourite from 2020? Human Stew by Disrupted, Lupus Aurora by Cytotoxin, Darker Thoughts by Paradise Lost, Homebound by Enslaved, Hiding by Dawn of Solace, Cycle of Suffering by Sylosis

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Upadesa Saram.