What is your best numbers memory score on ML

Mine is 12


80 numbers in 39.50 seconds (2½ years ago). My recent best is 80 numbers in 58.73 seconds.



Mine is 48 in 43.77 seconds. I’ve been stuck at just under 50 for ages, but hope to get there before the end of the year. (Mind you, I’ve been saying that for most of the year! :slight_smile: )


I literally just got 30 in 57.45 seconds a minute ago


Amazingly, after posting my previous message, I finally made it to 50 - in 48.30 seconds. This thread must be lucky for us - what with Mathmaster also doing so well! :slight_smile:


Another PB 36 in 60.00!!! Just recently!!


Well done!

My best score in numbers is 80 in 29.02 sec .
(I joined art of memory in 29 October 2019 , after 3 months of joining I trying to build up my system and training on it.
Almost 10 months later , I achieved this score.)

I did not train daily, trained in memory league for about 3 days a week.
Because I have only 3 trials in Memory League so I have to practice other games also.


I just got 24 numbers in 60.00!


I also just got 24 in 60 seconds (I memorized a major-system peg list from 00-99 from 23.12.2020 - 31.12.2020 and occasionally practiced 14 numbers…today I started practiing with 24 numbers)

BUT…I’m only using major-system list… and I’m wondering…is it even possible to memorize 80 numbers with this peg list alone by creating a story with all those images?

For 24 numbers I’m creating 2 sentences and it’s really difficult

I have gotten 50 in 59 .93 seconds I use major system 00-99. @xFreeway don’t make sentences just turn the into images and put 2 or 3 per loci and sometimes I do 5 per loci, and then link the locations.
Example: 3478547099285981
34 78 54- A MarTian throws CoFfee at LaRs petrus (cuber)
I put this in location 1: the couch
70 99 28- A glasses CaSe hits a can of PePsi onto the head of Chris Olson (another cuber who is 28 for really no reason) all in location 2: the bed
Lastly 59 81 - a dog LaPping water out of a FaT man’s hands in location 3; by the mirror

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I meant MaRtian

Interessting. Have never heard of multiple PAO’s in same LOCI =)!

It is not PAO it is just major system and I make up links. For me the links are almost instant but not like PAO

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right now I don’t use memory palace or Loci but maybe I should try it out.

for example I have 11 00 07 10 which would be a toad(11) eating sushi(00) while wearing a sock(07) which causes him to slip over a dice(10)

I only have nouns for my 00-99 list and combine them through adjectives and verbs. But this seems logically slower than placing 3 images into a Loci or using PAO.

Thanks for your help.

In this case I have

"In a Reef (48) lies a CD (01) with a Lolli(pop) attached to it on the Mill (35) of (Captain) Nemo (23) whos Nose (20) looks like Lego (57) which spreads a Plague (06) that makes addicted to Lotto (51) and uses Nivea (28) on a Caddy (71) to drive a Sock (07)

I just translated the nouns here, I originally work with words in my native language for major system so the rules don’t apply to these numbers presented her.

I would certainly recommend loci it is the most popular for a reason. It is very effective. Also for longer periods of time it is harder and harder to remember a non-visual story but if it is in a familiar place an you visualise it you could do thousands of digits without forgetting

Well done on being able to make it effective this way.