What is the starting point of your journey? [tips & techniques]

Where am I suppose to begin to become a memory athlete(I’m nowhere in cognitive improvements). Literally I’m confused of hearing some techniques, but Where did you all started, Which thought provoked and what are the sparking lessons learned while pursuing initial training. I’m glad that you are far away from me, give me a hand.


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I started by building a memory palace.

After that I build a 00-99 PAO systems, which kept me busy for some time learning it. I then started to use that same system for binary and cards.

I learned to just do it. Dont keep on thinking about what to do, and just do.


Thank you very much! This not only helped me but every beginner who has questions or doubts may find it useful. May I know what will be the source to learn?

We have a getting started guide over here

Perhaps you can find enough to get started there :slight_smile:

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