What is the single most effective study method?

Hi everyone! I’m glad you are reading this and maybe can help.

Doesn’t matter if it takes “all day of studying” to achieve. I usually study 50min and take 15min break for 4-5h at maximum but I would be glad if someone (with some credibility as a MIT student or medicine student) could help me get better at studying and memorizing stuff long term.
Thanks! (I’m not native so correct grammar if needed)

While I do not know the best study system,

I recommand you to make that system if it is not already is -

  • Chunked
  • Spaced
  • Flow(Peak Performance)
  • Active(Not Passive as I think that most system are passive).

And also to combine many different systems to create a better system which makes sense.

I will post an example for this soon for the most powerful visualization technique in the world -Quantam Jumping.

= Parallel and Active Flow based Chunked Quantam Jumping(The most powerful visualization technique in the world, But I think also unscientific and I want to change that),



There is not “single most effective system” it simply does not exist in a world of such diverse creatures as humans (and other animals).

Our brain works differently, we are brought up differently, we have had different teachers, watched different movies… all of our experiences shape us differently and it makes the best method of learning and studying different for each individual.

It is a constant experiment for the individual and something that can always be improved.

It is like physical exercise… They say “oh this is the single best exercise EVER” well, if you do not like the bloody exercise, it does not matter how good it is, you will never perform the exercise to your fullest potential because you dread doing it. (I have been meaning to put that into a reference for a long time now! :stuck_out_tongue: )

I can conquer to active learning though. However, I believe there is not a single way to do active learning.
For me, active learning is much about referencing what I learn in Sleep science to something in the science of resource extraction for instance. (I do not actually think I have made such a reference yet, though it puts a good point :wink: ). Oh, and sleep science probably have a technical term I should know but have forgotten.

You try and read Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker and tell me if you remember all the sciency words he uses! :stuck_out_tongue:

The Aboriginals of Australia would make unique ceremonies and dance at special places in order to learn their knowledge. Which, I would also call active learning. (Reference to Memory Craft by Lynne Kelly :stuck_out_tongue: )

(Umm, seems that almost every post I make I end up referencing Memory Craft… but i swear I am not getting any commission!)