What is the purpose of learning?


I just keep forgetting everything.

Reading is so slow and boring.
Listening to lectures is so slow and boring.
My mind tunes out because it’s all slow and boring.
Speed reading yields no comprehension.
Memory techniques are difficult to apply.

What is the point? I am about ready to give up.


Why is reading and listening to lectures boring to you?

That is a known “side effect” of speed reading, comprehension goes down.

Which of the many memory techniques and why are they difficult to apply to you?


It’s all too slow and I can’t remember anything. All I can comprehend is my voice most of the time. I am a terrible reader.

It takes too long to come up with images. Rote memorization would be more efficient.


Both are a matter of practice. Try out, see what goes wrong, figure out how to improve it, and repeat.

Is for the images, when it comes to numbers and words, we create systems to never have to come up with images. Those are things we compete in, so there are systems to make that go fast. We don’t come up with things on the spot.
When it comes to actually remembering information for one thing or another, sometimes images take long to form. That is what practice is for.

(Simon Luisi) #5

Learning is the result of expressing your curiosity. I think there is no purpose to learning if you haven’t got curiosity.

Lectures often teach nothing and respond to nothing you are curious about. Maybe you should never have tried there.

Memory techniques are not needed if you aren’t curious about anything. My 8th card this morning was a 6 of spade. The image is a massage. The image is suppose to stimulate my curiosity and perhaps inspire me or make me laugh.

If all you think is about going fast to finish your learning task and think the rote method is the way to go, you may need to be more curious. My best suggestion for you is that you may want to find topics of great interest to you.