What is the best online memory training program/live training program? Thanks


Hello everyone!
I’m an actor, comedian, and magician with a keen interest in the memory arts. I want to (and do) memorize playing cards, scripts, people’s names. languages, constellations, etc.

I’d like to do a program but I’d like to choose the RIGHT program. Ron White seems to have one, there’s one called “Superlearner”, one called Kwik, etc.

I have seen that people on this forum seem to advocate reading a lot of different books and then cobbling together your own customized system. I don’t think I’m going to have time for that. I want to choose one, immerse myself, and come out of it a much better memorizer.

Also, as a young man, I saw people who chose Betamax and laser disk lose out to those who chose a VHS player. Similarly (And I’m not really sure that I know what I’m talking about here) I’d like to chose a system that’s flexible, modern and upgradable. I’m not sure what the difference is between Peg and Major, but I’d like to chose the better one. Similarly I’ve heard that the Dominic system is P.A. and Ron White’s system is P.A.O. I know that I don’t fully understand what any of that truly means, I think that any sensible person reading this post will get the gist of what I’m trying to achieve and the “mistake” I’m looking to avoid making (by choosing the more outdated, limited, less flexible system)

So, in general, which online (or Live) memory training course combines modern day best-practices and improvements to old systems and has a fun, accessible, enjoyable teaching style?


Hi Membo,

I have never seen a live memory training course nor do any exist from what I know.

In the U.S. Harry Lorayne was, and for me still, IS the go to person for a non-memory journey Memory training course on cds…Just search the Internet for his site.

In the U.K., 8 time World Memory Champion Dominic Obrien is the go to person for a Memory Journey style training on cds…Just search amazon.com for them


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If you haven’t seen it, we have a free e-booklet on how to get started with memory techniques.

Here are some other quick tips in the meantime, while you’re searching around:


Most of the number systems involve turning each number from 0-9 and 00-99 into an image. Most people create 100 images for the numbers from 00-99 and 10 more images for 0-9 (see the ebooklet).

The simplest effective technique for memorizing numbers is to use a regular Major System. You can turn each 2-digit number into an image and then combine that with the memory palace technique to keep the numbers in order.

The video in the blog post below explains the basics, including how PA and PAO systems work:


After you create a number system with the Major System, you can use the same images for memorizing cards.


There is a page on how to memorize names and faces.

There is a names-memorization game on Memory League.


When I started, I learned a lot from the audiobook Quantum Memory Power by Dominic O’Brien. I think you can get it at no cost by using Audible’s free trial (if you don’t have an Audible account already).

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Membo, I think there are no short cuts to a good memory. Consider a personal trainer if you want to improve fast without checking a variety of sources.

I know the 2018 IAM world champ trains people and he might want you as a student. One of Mallow’s students finished 3rd this year at the Canadian Memory Championships.


Thanks everyone!