What interesting things are you doing in quarantine?

So it’s been quite a good time in the Quarantine. What are you guys learning or have been doing? Any skill or language then please share it here. Even if it’s as simple as reading a book. It will help me and forum members for an inspiration and motivation.

As for me. I started learning Morse codes recently.
What about you?


Have you found a method that works well for learning Morse code?

Ive been learning 5 new words a day (Im on C today). I just posted an entry to the journal board to track progress if you ever want to go check out.

Aside from that, I learned the order of planets, their radius, the time it takes them to make a full revolution around the sun, and the number of moons they have.

Ive also thought about learning morse code. I thought it was funny when Jim and Pam from The Office learned it to mess with Dwight


Watching TV shows to implement more memory palaces and leaning Javascript on grasshopper app and finally reading Psycho Cybernetics and taking notes (mind Maps).:stuck_out_tongue:


Going through three books,making notes on them…and memorizing the main points/ideas of these three books! There are around 300 or so points/ideas of these books to memorize/store in my memory ‘pegs’/hooks!


I’m learning how to make different breads. I just started a sourdough “starter” yesterday too. So far, I’ve only been doing basic white bread recipes. Just trying to get my bread rhythm down. It’s such a gratifying feeling to see and smell homemade bread.
Also painting, working on craft projects.


Honing my listening skills in French.

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I have a cool way I’ve been meaning to post about for a while. I’ll post it in a separate thread when I have a chance.


Currently I am working on one such method, I will post it here if I find it effective. The main problem is, since the information is in audio, it has more association with auditory memory over visual memory.

I am using this app/game called ‘Morse mania’ for practice. So far it’s quite good, anyone can start to learn from it.

I will be looking forward to your method.


Look up Nelson Dellis YT channel, He’s got a simple trick to memorise.


Multiple things:

  1. I am trying to improve in chess. I don’t have much time to play 30 minute classical games so I try to do tactical puzzles. A few days ago I almost got a 2000 tactical puzzle rating on Lichess.org :slight_smile:

  2. I’ve started to learn Javascript. Last year I learned HTML and CSS but I didn’t continue with learning a programming language, 2019 was a busy year. My learning method is the same as always; just watching videos without taking notes. I am glad I can just absorb information by just watching it, saves a lot of time and energy which is a good thing for someone with autism.


I posted it here: Morse code words


I finally found a daily use for a memory palace as a journal.
( I described that in my last post)
I’m often checking on that M.P. at the same time I take my daily walk or meditation. ( both are new addition to my routine )
I did some photography, mostly testing lighting setups since I can’t go out much.
Some coding, I started an online Portfolio project to showcase my photography and coding.
Some writing, mostly I try to spend some time each week to work on an article as practice.
I’m still working full-time, so these projects are moving rather slowly haha.


Hi this is my first time participating. I have been learning to use the adobe cloud suite to create a learning experience for young kids. It was on my bucket list for the longuest time to teach my grand child to speak my mother tongue. French. I have expanded the project since covid 19 to teach many kids.

I love learning new languages but with times I was finding that I was losing the languages I had acquired instead of pickiing up new ones. I was trying to pick up Spanish and I was finding that I was just confusing it with Italian. The memory palaces are really helping.


I learned to speed read And am now at 500 words per minute. The main key points would be to avoid verbalizing what you read (moving tongue and mouth as if speaking) while you read, then, getting a way to read without lateral movement of the eyes. For this, a program, such as Readsy or Spritzlet can flash the words at you one by one at a predetermined speed. You will need your book to be in PDF. Icopy and paste text into Readsy’s text imput box, or use the Spritzlet Chrome extension to automatically produce the words from the web page I’m in. Interestingly, while speed reading, you have more to work with in your short term memory because you read so much faster, so you have bigger chunks and scenes to work with immediately. This has been an eye opener. You can read faster while retaining and understanding more. Of course, I am not attempting to memorize the content, but understanding it. Works like a charm.


The working bit has become less, luckily. So me and the kids have been able to spend some more time :slight_smile: weather has been bad the past few days, so we are stuck indoors, meaning we have to explore the outside world with the aid of our Switch. Luckily we can catch ourselves some spiders.

While they explore the island, catching bugs and fishes, I spend some time exploring the mountains…

…and accidentally end up marrying someone five times my age…

My oldest daughter is spending some time building cities, she likes the puzzle of keeping the city flowing. Which basically means that she gets stuck, and I have to help her.

But luckily I have some time to build some memory palaces too :slight_smile:


Just taking care of myself. Apparently I’m prone to slight insanity.


I can’t believe I never thought of using Microsoft word speech to text to record my voice while reading. This way if the printed words are the same as the words I was trying to say my pronunciation can’t be that bad in the language I’m learning! lol


Those pictures are amazing.

I get certain vibes from world building of movies and series, they make me feel good, that’s why I watch a lot of them. Your pictures look cozy as hell, they’re giving me a total vibe haha :slight_smile:


I had been reading:
until I got to card memorizing. Then I searched on the web for a better alternative card method and found this site(Forum).