What informations did i found today?

In my free time i enjoy browsing through informations. it may be audio (especially when i am running), article, or video. But what does remain in my mind?

To find it out tomorrow i will start 7 days challenge. I will make breath note about every article/audio/video i see that day. Most interesting notes I will publish here. Others i will mark only as a type of information. Near every information i will mark how much attention i needed to process it from 1 to 3 and how much time does it took.

Form of notes may change over time, but here is template:

Company that made fake marine animals for hollywood movies is now working on robotic dolphin that may be displayed in marine parks as an alternative for living animal. There is distant idea that such technique may be used to create tank with now extinct animals. A:1 T: 7 min

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Day first of my challenge is coming to the end.

The most important thing to be seen is that in my case pleasure of procesing information outweight the pleasure of having it.

article1: [nature] A:1 T:5min Little ducks can recognize with pose of parent is related to which activity.

article2: [political][music] A:2 T: 10 min

article3: There is chance of creating vaccine against all coronaviruses. It may identify the lower part of surface protein that they share. A:2 T:2 min

*Despite that i found it interesting, it got out of my mind at the end of day. It happened probably due to its short length and lot of informations about viruses in recent year.

audio1: [phylosophy] A:2-A:3 T:1h about early philosophy. Concepts: gods are not answer to how universe work. everything is made of water-> everything is made of atoms → atoms may have different properties. Math dictate shape of word. Similar things tend to each other. Opposites are by the essence the same. finally: First man went out of fish belly.

*it was on my “to hear” list for some time, this challenge encouraged me to give it a try. And i found that i remember mostly anecdotes or concepts, but forget names.

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article 1: A:1 T:<1 min Babylonians knew Pythagorean triangles before Pythagoras and used them to measure land.
article 2: A:1 T:<1 min There may be life on Ceres.

audio1: A:2 T:40min Pythagoras created his own cult. He believed in reincarnation. He believed that math and music are strictly connected and by understanding them (and 1 more thing) cycle of rebirth may be broken. (i tried some memotechnic this time to remember names, and let myself to went through recording once more, but they went away). 1 of his students thought that he is god and believe that world is held together by love and teared apart by (i forgot the name he used). There was another philosopher who concluded that: universe cant change->change we perceive is illusion-> senses cant be trusted.

After i woke up i had parts of yesterday podcast rewinding in my brain, that mean that knowledge will last longer.

I reasured that listening during running or walking motivate to remember more, as it is harder to write things down, and more pleasant.

article 1: A:1 T:2min [space] Perserverence rover lost samples of ground, probably due to preasence of air in soil.

article2: A:3 T:8 min [political]

article 3: A:2 T:15min [sport]

audio1: A:3 T:40min [philosophy] Sophists taught that what is moral depend on person. And what is true also may be different for diferent persons. (i do not understood this, but i will read more about it later) Socrates belived that by asking questions we get closer to true. He belived that people do bad things because they have not enough knowlage. It seem to make little seance as addictions exsists. Mayby he thought that such people only seem to understand consequences of thier actions. He belived that everyone have strong feeling of what is moral, and if man find true he will unconditionaly behave in right way.

audio2: A:3 T:40 min [buisnes]

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video1: A:2 T:13 min [biolog] main neurotransmitters and thier functions. *I will not recall function of each, but it will be easier to grasp if i will see them further.

video2: A:1 T:10 min [music] melodysheep

audio 1: A:3 T:45 If in utopia of Plato everyone were supposed to work where they can use thier natural abilities best, then guardians were out of this rule as their hypothetical talents would be limited to military. And this would either mean that there was only few guardians, ore some of them were forced to work not along thier talents. I was also thinking a lot about world of forms. Math is pure form, but are man-defined definitions also? Or mayby this definitions are part of all logically possible statements? Maybe i went too deep.

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Article1: A:3 T 10min [byology] Impaired production of dopamine is corelated to tmparied conciousness.
Article2: A:2 T: 5min [byology] By geneticaly modyfying daddy long legs bug scientists hope to lern more about arachid evolution.
Audio1: A:2 T:10min [political]
Audio2: A:3 T:1h [philosophy] Aristotele definition of courage include everyday virtuos behaviors.
Article3: A:3 T:15min [math]


*Apologies for typos

article 1: A:3 T:8 min [engineering] It seem that breakthrough in quantum computer design has been made. New technique make it possible to control numerous qubits with use of dielectric resonator.

article 2: A:3 T:15 min [chemistry] life based on silicon may not exist as silicon dissolve poorly in sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid need to be used instead of water to let silicon form complex molecules. But silicon still may still serve as heteroatom.

video1: A:1 T:5min [art] codex seraphianus is work of art, encyclopedia that contain description of non existing world.

video2: A:1 T:8 min [biology] cheetah cubs increase their chance of survival with fur that remains by color honey badger.

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Audio1: A:2 T:1h [philosophy] Taoism was founded by Lao Tzu, he teaches that man should live accordingly to nature, and is 1 of 1000 things that exist. He believed that government should not have too much power. Like jin-yang things and concepts are “blended”.

Article1: A:3 T:20min [math] checking isomorphism of torsion-free abelian groups is as hard as checking isomorphism of graphs.

Unsurprisingly, when I am conscious that I will need to write down what I hear or read I pay more attention to details.

I also see that if I will read information from paper magazine I tend to remember more. But as paper magazine cover limited number of topics searching for them through web is still useful.

I think I remember and find more enjoyable switching through forms (fe. article+video+audio is better than article+article+article)

I tend to remember more if I will deliberately search chosen topic then pick up give.

To sum up:

  • To keep audio/paper article or book/web article/ video balanced, I will read more paper magazines, and pay more attention to way information is served.

-I will also pay more attention to find if topic I found deserve more in depth searching.

-I will create file for myself to with 1 a week I will write one most thought provoking information I found.