What if Google results where displayed as a Mind Map?

What if Google results where displayed as a Mind Map?

Any ideas?

Is it already possible?

You can filter the results, search directly on websites in the result list, etc… so technically there is no issue at all and other than the display format it already is possible.

I assume though that you mean a pre-made mind map… in which case the question is, how is google to know subcategories, etc.? Your mind map and my mind map on a certain topic may look very different.

I mean something more like a neuronal web


Imagine a search engine crawl bot. It tries to get infos (metadata, content) from a page, then I looks for URL-links on the page and follows them. This process creates a web, doesn’t it?

Can it be displayed?

Technically, it creates a “graph”… but sure, so that is useful how?

I assume you mean neural net (i.e., English for “Neuronales Netz”), which has nothing to do with the mind map you mentioned in your original question. Are you looking for something that shows you a map of the Internet? Something like this maybe:

This was your original question. Let say you search for the word “memory”… how do you want this to display. In mind maps “memory” would be in the middle and then subcategories branch of from it, which brings me back to my original point: who decides what these categories are? Mine are very likely different from yours.

The crawler can’t help you with that either because the word “memory” not the webpage “memory” is in the middle. So how do you want to take care of subcategories like “episodic memory”, “semantic memory”, “computer”, “data storage”, etc.

You can type in “memory” on http://www.wordcloudit.com and you’ll get something like this, but that’s a word cloud not a mind map:

…whereas a mind map for the word “memory” might look like this:

Basically, the data is there… but what do you want to be the rules for the AI to create the mind map out of it? This could be another mind map for the same thing:

Displaying google results as mind map would be interesting