What has been your favorite artificial memory palace to use?

Do you have a favorite artificial house, or town, or path that you’ve used to memorize things?


I use a lot of video games to memorize the contents of laws. Open-world-games seem to work best for me since I can define the journey I walk through. I’ve bought some games for the sole purpose of making memory palaces :grinning:

What’s your favourite kind of memory palace?


What games have you bought?

Other than GTAV what did you use? I’m thinking of doing something similar…

I’ve used some movies… Marvel and other movies with large universes are great! (also gives you a chance to binge watch your favorite movies :slight_smile: )
One important thing is to use scenes with clear lighting… so that might be hard.
I’ve met someone who used Harry Potter!

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Yes dude …
Even I have installed many games for that particular reason…
The list is still adding up…
It’s a great way to have fun N learn

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I mainly use games where you can move in a 3D-space (like GTA, Assassin’s Creed, racing games like Project Cars, etc). But really any game that let’s you move in a 3D-space would probably work (no matter if it is in first-person perspective or 3rd-person perspective).

Nice idea, I’ve never done that before :slight_smile: I might give it a try, too.

I haven’t personally tried this, since I tend to preach the value of using real-world locations you personally know well. But…

I’m a big fan of third-person action/adventure games. There is a wealth of usable locations in the Tomb Raider games, the Uncharted series, The Last of Us, and Horizon: Zero Dawn. These are all set in fairly expansive worlds with a great deal of variety.


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Every Call of Duty map has been used hundreds of times for me, especially firing range and Kino der Toten for any other Cod fans out there

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