What happened to the bowl of sheep's droppings?

While I was paddling around aimlessly, looking for the “default front page”, I stumbed across a memory test.

The images were: Knife, radishes, tree, dog, lamb, …

I clicked 3 or 4 objects, then all objects disappeared from the grey working area. The timer continued doing what timers do.

While I was assessing my emergency fallback, the objects re-appeared, but without the bowl of sheep’s droppings and the wolf. So I couldn’t complete the puzzle.


Was it a link that led to another site, or was it something on this site?


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That’s the Memory League Images game. Do you mean that some of the images shown in the memorization step weren’t showing in the recall step? Were there placeholders for the images during recall? If you try it again now are there images missing?

Here’s a screenshot from my latest attempt. The two items marked in red were present during the memorization step - but not for the recall step. So only 6 images were available for recall.


Found it:


But seriously, I looked into the data for those trials you mentioned and I can’t see any reason why those images wouldn’t appear for you. And since you had the same problem in two different trials, it’s very interesting!

Does the problem happen consistently? Can you try it again and post a screenshot of the recall stage?

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The internet empowers all.

A man can now step up and demand his fair allotment of sheep droppings.


I have no objections to that, but we need to ensure that we don’t dilute our primary objectives in life.

My personal preference is that all workers should get free beer. Retired workers should get double allotments thereof, to allow for the amount we spill trying to remove that ringy-thingy while watching the Columbo repeats.


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