What exactly is mind mapping?

I’ve seen some stuff about it and I did a quick google search but can anyone recommend an extensive source on the topic? What is the effectiveness of it?

Mind mapping is a way of expressing information, and links between information on paper. It’s a method of expressing a large amount of information on a topic in a non-linear fashion. Everything on the mind-map links back to one key idea. It just gives you a new way to look at the information, and perhaps helps you in thinking about it.

Mind maps don’t help me, I’ve tried them at various points throughout my education, and they just don’t seem to show any statistically significant benefit for me, I think about things by visualisation anyway and like having a more in-depth, linear chunk of information, as opposed to shallow and non-linear; it’s also not a concept I find particularly interesting, so I haven’t looked up any academic research into the technique - sorry I can’t help you on that front!

If you’re interested, Buzan has a lot of books on it, but take everything Buzan says with a pinch of salt. He is quite the pseudoscientist. There’s probably academic research you can find on the subject. Read through Wikipedia, do a Google search, and do a Google Scholar search. You may find something!

Thank you very much, I’ll check out stuff by Buzan and google scholar some stuff. Thank you so much for getting me started!

My browser’s bookmarks started becoming so numerous, that I invented some kind of mind-mapping for bookmarks in order to organise and categorise them. The same with my 200+ pc programs+applications+shortcuts. They had to be indexed properly in order to reduce access time. I think that’s very similar to mind-mapping. (e.g. knowing where a piece of information is, in which category etc.)