What Else is Major System FOR?


I’ve been for weeks making a list (I’m up to 162 now) of creative but simple words for my major system list.

Other than memorising playing cards and longer numbers, does it have any other type of application?

Anything a little bit more interesting?


I think you are asking the wrong question. The Major system is a simple phonetic system for assigning sounds to numbers, a useful tool. However, it doesn’t do everything. Are you looking for different kinds of memory techniques for memorizing more practical information?

(Josh Cohen) #3

You can use the images for short numbers (like dates, phone numbers, etc.) and peg lists too.

There is an interesting idea called Mnemotechnic Words that might be fun to experiment with.


Thank you very much for this suggestion, Josh!

I have been thinking a lot about how best to memorize dates and corresponding events, and I have been inching toward something very similar to this for quite a while but was unsure how best to do it, or even if it made any sense at all.

I just saw your post so I haven’t had the time to check the book yet (I even have Phreno-Mnemotechny already!), but I’ll sure be doing that really soon.

Thanks again.


(Josh Cohen) #5

I just remembered that the Phreno Mnemotechny book is online here, if anyone else is looking for a copy: https://blog.artofmemory.com/free-books-on-mnemotechnics-581.html